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Each year, El Paso Council PTA, with the generous support of Skate City, provides scholarships to students attending college to study Education or the STEAM field.

Applications are now open! Click below for more information!

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El Paso Council offers a variety of PTA resources; EPC PTA also hosts trainings, a Founders' Day dinner to honor our hard working volunteers and remember our rich PTA history, and our county-wide Reflections Art competition. EPC PTA sometimes arranges discounts with sponsors.

You can now support El Paso Council PTA through King Soopers Community Rewards. How do you do it? Log in to your account either through the app or the website, click on community rewards, and then search for El Paso Council PTA. You can only support one organization, so if you support your local school, please continue to do that. Thanks for your support! 

Skate City

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PTA promotes the opportunity for every child to reach his or her full potential by engaging and empowering families, educators, and communities to advocate for all children.

We would like to thank the following business for their support of El Paso Council PTA and its efforts.  Become a sponsor today by clicking here.

There are many types of parent organizations out there, but none that provide the support and heritage of PTA.  Whether you are just starting out or looking for something more, we can help.

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El Paso Council is the driving force behind local PTAs in our community.  We rely heavily on our sponsorships to continue to provide support and programming for local schools.